Support Jessy, a Survivor of Physical Assault to Study in US

Support Jessy, a Survivor of Physical Assault to Study in US

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From Manoj Prabhakaran

Help Jessy, a survivor of physical assult in India to study in the US! Share and Support Jessy to prepare herself as a leader to serve other oppressed victims and survivors to reach their educational and life goals.

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My name is Manoj, I'm a Graduate Student at Gonzaga University. In the past few months, I have been constantly supporting and motivating my sister Jessy (Physically Assaulted in India) to apply for the Masters in Organizational Leadership Program at Gonzaga University, and yesterday she got accepted to begin her program in in the fall semester, 2018. Now we need your help to fund Jessy to meet her financial needs. You can read Jessy's story in her own words below, and please consider keep her in your prayers and also consider to support, share, and care through your donations

My name is Jessy and I am from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, in the Southern part of India. My participation in the Organizational Leadership Program at Gonzaga University will be a great step ahead to develop my capacities to lead women victims and survivors in India to reach their educational and life goals. Due to the fact, many oppressed women are still facing discrimination, atrocities, and live as victims and survivors. 

My aspiration to become a leader has emerged within me after the impact of a tragic atrocity that occurred in my own life. It was 8 February 2007, a day that cannot be erased from my memory nor my family’s. I was assaulted by four rogues in the early morning when I was going to school. I was chopped by them in twenty-two places in my head, my left hand was broken by them, they chopped my two fingers in both hands and damaged all my other fingers. I was completely unconscious by the time I was found on the blood shattered ground. Later, I was admitted to a hospital and my family members had no hope of me surviving, but not far from God’s hands, I was born again. But, my life totally became dark during the treatment and recovery process. My head was shaved and sutured, screws and plates were fixed in my left broken hand, and ten fingers were also completely sutured. The medical treatment had helped me to recover from my physical wounds to some extent – after a certain period, the wounds that were on my scalp was covered by hair. My right hand was fixed after multiple surgeries but I still struggled to carry or hold heavy weights or do everyday tasks such as dress myself. While my hands have seen some improvement, I still lack movement or feeling in some of my fingers and will continue to have this difficulty unless a miracle occurs. My family has demonstrated their love and care throughout this period, but it was never enough given the nature of my injuries, pain and mental state. I have attempted to commit suicide several times since I couldn’t bear pain or see myself living in this world as a victim. I cried most of the time, shouted at everyone and eventually, I made isolated myself. My family members and I still cannot digest the tragic incident and the vacuum cannot be replaced by anything. However, the trauma and adversity that I faced throughout my life have made me stronger, which in turn became a capacity of resilience.

The capacity of resilience helped me to recuperate from my pains every day. After three years, the miracle was happened through my constant practice, counselling from my brother and my mother’s love and care. Yes, I was constantly tested and failed often but I didn’t give up. My brother also didn’t give up; he found a part-time job overnight and saved money to help me continue my education. As final exams approached, my brother and I, through God’s grace, both cleared and received our high school diplomas. Unfortunately, I was unable to score high enough marks to obtain a partial scholarship to continue my university education like my brother. Additionally, my family was not in a financial position to support me to go to university as my mother was a manual savenger (clean toilets and manholes) earning less then $2 per day. This income was not all sufficient to provide a meal every day to my family of five. 

My father was an alcoholic who always fought with my mother and took money from my mother to drink alcohol until he later he passed with tuberculous. My elder sister also died leaving her two kids under our family responsibility and her husband absconded as he was the main culprit for her death. My elder brother quit his school education and started to work along with my mother to support the family. Thus, we lived in extreme poverty. I remember, my brother and I going to school without food and filling our stomach with water. Through this, I thanked God and dreamed that one day I would go to university. After a few years, my brother helped me to join university through a language program, where I began working on campus and supporting myself to complete my social work degree in India. All these hard experiences in my life and constant motivation from my brother and his achievements in Gonzaga Leadership Program inspired me to participate in the Leadership Program at Gonzaga University to develop my capacities to lead women victims and survivors in India to reach their educational and life goals across all levels of society.

I would be forever thankful if you donate to help give me an opportunity to pursue organizational leadership at Gonzaga University to prepare myself to become a leader to bring changes in the lives of oppressed people. 

Thank you! – Jessy 

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